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Company history


Extreme Master Co., Ltd had the registered office located at No. 159 Soi Kumklao 5, Kumklao Road, Lamplatiew Sub-district, Ladkrabang District, Bangkok,Thailand. It was established on June 6, 2003 with the authorized capital of 5,000,000 Baht and it was registered as the consulting company at information center in Ministry of Finance with condition Type A. The member number is 3722 and it registered to be the trade partner with the government in e-GP System. Currently, it has experiences in educational works, designing wireless communication system, telemeter system in short and remote distance as well as automatic control system, providing database system programs, online information communication and development of specific computer programs for more than 17 years

It is regarded as the business that enables the company to operate business with sustainability and stability.

In present, Extreme Master Co.,Ltd gains confidence from public sectors to arrange the system of communication computer, network, telemeter system and to provide comprehensive database programs with initiation and creativity in applying technologies to respond needs and it finally gains confidence of customers to use service from our team and we can meet the customers’ need very well. Besides, the company also studies, analyzes and does a research about technological application that can be extended for designing, producing and developing new machines to respond the needs of target group. This includes developing personnel continually to extend works with effectiveness and this is strength enabling the company to operate with ultimate agility and efficiency.

company information


The company was registered as a legal entity Company Registration Office in Bangkok. Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce. Civil and Commerce on June 6, 2546 Reg. 0105546064683 And registered as No. 3272 consultancies Class 1 data center consultants Thailand. Ministry of Finance


To be the leader in providing information technology service including wireless communication system, telemeter system in both short and remote distance, automatic control system, database system program as well as initiating comprehensive innovation to develop the organizations of customers in both public and private sectors to grow with potency.


Giving consults, designing and developing technology in terms of wireless communication system including works related to telemeter system to increase capacity for the organization in public and private sectors with personnel who have great quality and skills. We provide you services with integrity and sincerity ready to support the organizations in public and private sectors to grow efficiently and sustainably.